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Gene (7)

Gene Symbol Species Description
G00000162 Prkacb Mus musculus protein kinase, cAMP dependent, catalytic, beta
G00000552 Mapre2 Mus musculus microtubule-associated protein, RP/EB family, member 2
G00001329 CACNA1A Homo sapiens calcium channel, voltage-dependent, P/Q type, alpha 1A subunit
G00001411 PRKACB Homo sapiens protein kinase, cAMP-dependent, catalytic, beta
G00001801 MAPRE2 Homo sapiens microtubule-associated protein, RP/EB family, member 2
G00002673 Apc Mus musculus adenomatosis polyposis coli
G00005663 APC Homo sapiens adenomatous polyposis coli
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